Thursday, December 6, 2007

We found the monkeys.

We spent our first day observing the monkeys in Gede. I am in the K group that is observing the monkeys who hang out by the museum and main buildings. We have eleven female monkeys that we have to be able to identify. The three main characteristics that we use to identify the monkeys are the tails, the nipples and any unique facial features. We saw nine of the eleven monkeys on our first day. We often had to bushwhack our way through the jungle to follow the monkeys as they moved from place to place. It certainly takes time to figure, which monkey is which and even the people who have been working here for months cannot always readily identify who we are looking at certain times. There were several tourist groups that came to the ruins ranging from two people to three busloads of adult women. We were also given a tour of the Gede ruins and told about the history of this once busy Arab trading city. They just built a tree house in a baobab tree. The tree house was 50 feet up in the tree. A great view of the ruins from up that high.

Short assignment: What is population of Kenya? What is the main export of Kenya?

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